What is a POG?

POG: Parent/Owner/Guardian

People are very particular about how the relationship between them and their beloved animals is described. We took the most popular terms and created an acronym that is short and fun. You can be a dog POG, a cat POG, a pig POG, a horse POG, etc.

If you have cats and dogs, you could be a mix-up POG…

If you have all different kinds of animals, you may well be an omni-POG…

Play around with it! It’s fun. Let us know what you come up with!


3 thoughts on “What is a POG?

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      This site was created and is maintained by Christy Paxton’s Hand in Paw (http://www.cp-hipdogs.com; email: christy@cp-hipdogs.com). I am a US-based dog and cat trainer who has taught with kindness for 13 years. Thank you for prodding me to fix this issue!

      Always good to hear about another person dedicated to kind treatment. KINDNESS ROCKS!

      Christy (PS if you see a picture in this reply, that is not me. I don’t know how to change that either!!)

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