Take action now! Here’s how

Want to GO KIND and help the rest of the world GO KIND too? Here’s how:

• Resolve to change one thing — just one — that you do to your dog that you know is unkind. Resolve to do it TODAY.

• Words matter! Start changing your vocabulary: Instead of “obey” say “cooperate,” “partner” or “respond.” Instead of “commands,” say “directions” or “guidance.” Instead of “dominating,” “being the alpha,” “showing him who’s boss” and “being the pack leader,” say “helping,” “teaching,” “supporting,” “guiding,” “parenting,” “being your dog’s tour guide.”
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• Learn new ways to train your dog that don’t involve harsh or intimidating methods. Explore:

Patricia McConnell
Turid Rugaas
Karen Pryor
Grisha Stewart/Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) for reactive dogs
The ORIGINAL Dog Whisperer Paul Owens
Animal Behaviors Associates

• Speak up! Tell as many POGs as possible that there is a better way than their old, outdated, correction-based methods. Just remember to say it kindly and not confrontationally (for example: “Did you know there is new research out that says it’s NOT all about dominance? I’ll send you the link if you like.”). It works with people too!

• Be the example every time you take your dog around others. Let them tell you how nice your dog is. Smile, say thank you — then tell them how you did it — and use specifics! The best response you can get is, “I’m going to try that with my dog.”

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