Trained With Kindness Trained with Kindness

CP-HIP is dedicated to using

KIND HANDLING with all animals


It is simply making decisions about how you are going to communicate with your dog, cat, etc. by considering the impact it has on that animal.

In other words, the end does NOT justify the means! How we do it is almost more important that what we do.

Why not just say ‘positive reinforcement’?

So many reasons! The term is thrown around, but not well defined or understood. POGs will say they use it because they will give a dog a treat when he sits, but these same people will yell, yank, and punish. I came from that world. It didn’t feel good. GOING KIND FEELS GREAT — AND IT WORKS BETTER!!

No one can misunderstand the word KIND. I like to communicate well with all animals, including the human animal!

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Here is a poem and a pledge I wrote that might help you understand where I’m coming from.

The Kind Hand

I reach for you with a kind hand
One that connects with compassion, not force
One that is never mistrusted
One that is never feared.

I touch you with a kind hand
So you will never worry
So it will always be welcome
So it will make you happy.

And that makes me happy.


The TWiKi* Pledge to My Dog

I will never raise my hand in anger to you
I will never resort to physical force unless there is a safety issue
I will always work to find the point of cooperation, not coercion
I will strive to take the extra few minutes necessary to do it right
When I fail you, I will apologize and pledge to do better next time
Whenever possible, I will bear witness that kindness is not only the right way
but the better, more effective way to successfully teach dogs
how to exist in our crazy human world.

*Trained With Kindness. Click here to visit TWiKi site.

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