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Reverse Dog Training

A Fresh Perspective for Solving Common Problems


Reverse Dog TrainingWords of praise
for Reverse Dog Training:

“Christy Paxton’s book is written in a very clear and concise manner and offers many great techniques to solving all of your dog’s unwanted behaviors. You will learn that many times it is our communication skills towards the dogs that is the main problem, not their inability to learn.”

Brenda Bals – The Cleveland Canine

Christy Paxton’s Reverse Dog Training gives dog owners practical strategies to manage common behavior problems. There’s an “aha” on every page!

“Christy Paxton’s Reverse Dog Training gives dog owners practical strategies to manage common behavior problems. There’s an ‘aha’ on every page!”

“This book has given me a clear, concise understanding, and a simple method of working with and training my wonderful but highly reactive dog. With it, I am turning her into a responsive, calmer, happier dog. And I’m happier too!”

“For any dog owner who wants to raise their dog in love, for anyone who has a dog with a behavioral problem, for any pet lover who has thought there has to be another way to train my dog … this book is the answer. It is user friendly, an easy read and a book that can be readily put into use. This book is a gem.”

“I just finished your book. You tell it just like you teach it, and it has reminded me of all the good things I learned in your class.  Bailey will learn as well, as I hone my skills and keep training him. The most important lesson I learned from reading your book was not to forget to praise your dog AFTER he does what you’ve asked him to do. Whether it’s barking or jumping up, I think we all tend to forget to say ‘Thank you’ or give a loving pat or even a treat [once they’ve stopped]. Bailey is getting lots of love when he is good now.  And guess what? He is good more often. Lots of love and sloppy kisses from Bailey and thanks from me.”

“I am reading your book now and find it hard to put down. It’s easy reading and full of information. I would like to learn more.”

“This book does a fantastic job of showing you that in order to fix problem behaviors you need to think about the situation from the dog’s perspective (not from the human point of view, which most people naturally do). It covers a wide variety of topics and concisely gives you step by step instructions on how to solve each problem/issue using positive reinforcement.  Christy’s book is a great reference tool for all dog owners and I found her advice to be very helpful.  I definitely plan on implementing her techniques at home with my own dog.”

“I really enjoyed reading your book. Your book is really an extension of your in-person training class. The biggest thing I took away from your book is, never stop at no.  When you ask a dog to stop doing something you must follow it up with what he/she should be doing.  I think we’re all trained to say “no” at the drop of a hat but we’re only doing half the job.  When we tell a dog “no” we have their attention and should ask them to do something else that is pleasing to the both of us.  I’ll never forget that great piece of advice and will share it with everyone I volunteer with at the shelter.”