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A Fresh Perspective for Solving Common Problems


Reverse Dog TrainingWhat do I mean by reverse dog training? It’s not that the dog can’t get it, it’s that the owner isn’t giving it properly. Your dog doesn’t have a comprehension problem; you have a communication problem. You are speaking English, but your dog needs to hear Dog to get it.

Of course, this makes perfect sense when you hear it put that way, but it can be confusing when you try applying that statement to the problems you’re having.

That’s where this book comes in handy. It’s chock full of new information and effective techniques that will help you do just that. For many of you, it will be a sea change in thinking, a total reversal in many cases of what you may be doing right now with your dog.

The best part: It works when the old stuff doesn’t. Bonus: It’s kinder, gentler, and more fun!

Reverse techniques are needed to tackle nagging problems such as:

  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Housetraining
  • Leash overreactivity
  • Stealing
  • Fear

Reverse Dog Training gives owners the perspective they need to fix these problems and many more once and for all. Simple instructions, Do’s and Don’ts, and a detailed index let owners quickly and easily find the right solutions.

Whether a first-time or long- time dog owner, everyone will benefit from doing a little Reverse Dog Training!