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A wealth of knowledge, a passion for helpingDog Training Classes from Christy Paxton's Hand-in-Paw

CP-HIP owner and DogLife Skills Instructor (DLSI) Christy Paxton is available to talk to your group at your location or hers. For businesses, this is a great value-add for your customers/clients or a opportunity for employees to gain knowledge that can help them do their jobs better. Organizations can give members to opportunity to learn more about dog behavior from a progressive, experienced professional.

Christy has a particular style that mixes together a depth of knowledge, a thirst (some might say obsession) for more knowledge, a passion for problem solving, and a truly unique perspective on the dog-cat-human relationship!

These sessions run 1-1.5 hours and include a question-and-answer period. They may include demonstrations depending on topic and feasability.


Christy Paxton, dog training

Current presentation/seminars:

• Top Ten Training Traps and How to Avoid Them
• The Problem Solving Formula: How to Solve ANY Behavior Problem
• It’s Not Magic, It’s Marking! (The simplest, most effective communication system for you and your cats and dogs)
• Next Steps: How to Get Moving When You Get Stuck
• Canine Body Language
• Barking
• Calming Your Dog
• Fear/Overreactivity
• Proper Greetings (includes jumping)
• Housetraining Problems
• How to Get the Best Walking Ever

Have a topic you want presented but don’t see here? Just ask!

For more information/pricing info, please contact Christy direct at or 440-263-2314.

Single-topic booklets

Single-topic problem solving booklets

DogLife Skills Guides give in-depth advice and solutions you probably have never heard before! Eleven to choose from, or buy the whole set!

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