Trained With Kindness Trained with Kindness

Private Lessons/
Behavioral Counseling

Looking for one-on-one sessions customized to your goals and schedule? We offer a variety of options, all delivered with kindness, respect and fun!

What to expect: Whether in-home or in-facility, your first lesson includes an evaluation of your dog, goal setting, and starter exercises. To get a thorough understanding of your dog, we ask a lot of questions! The remainder of your lessons are a mixture of discussion and exercises, adjusted as necessary to make sure we achieve your goals.

For more information, please contact one of the Trained With Kindess-certified trainers listed below:

Anne Payne, Unleashed Potential

Karin Kirtner



  • Phone consultations: 30 minutes $35; 60 minutes $60
  • Video reviews (Mac-compatible only): $50/hour

 Please contact us for more information about Additional Services.


Single-topic booklets

Single-topic problem solving booklets

DogLife Skills Guides give in-depth advice and solutions you probably have never heard before! Eleven to choose from, or buy the whole set!

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Training ‘textbook’

Reverse Dog Training

"Reverse Dog Training: A Fresh Perspective for Solving Common Problems"

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