Trained With Kindness Trained with Kindness

Welcome to Christy Paxton’s Hand in Paw University, the Place for Kind Teaching of Dogs, Cats and People

What if the one tool you needed to succeed with your dog was literally right under your nose?

What if you could toss away any thoughts of dominance, force and being the alpha and replace them with cooperation, partnership and communication?

What if the simplest thing to do is also the best/fastest/kindest/funnest way to get that great companion we all want?

What if you could learn all of those things by attending a few targeted classes presented by a ahead-of-the-curve, slightly eccentric, always-entertaining dog lover and teacher with 14 years of experience and tons of insight she’s dying to share with you??

It’s true. You can. Here’s how.

HIP-U Foundation Class
“Introduction to Training Kindly: The CP-HIP Way”

Session ONE – April 30, 2017 from 2pm-3:30pm*
Session TWO – May 7, 2017 from 2pm-3:30pm*

*You must attend both sessions.

Anyone who wants to improve the relationship with the dogs they live and/or work with (e.g. pet professionals, trainers, parent/owner/guardians (POGs), etc.)

Paws and Effect Doggie Day Care, 19634 Center Ridge, Rocky River

$150 (total for two sessions)

This two-session class will introduce you to the unique brain patterns that make CP-HIP Founder Christy Paxton the successful behavior shaper that she is (don’t be afraid, she’s harmless!).

Find out how she comes up with her unusual sometimes unique solutions so she can succeed where others fail.

Learn how she thinks about and analyzes dog behavior, breaking it down into simple and logical pieces that make it obvious how to proceed.

Hear Christy’s unique insights and how she came to think this way.

Find out how you can do it too!

REGISTER NOW! A limited number of slots are available. Make sure you don’t miss out — send an email to with “Reserve My Spot!” in the subject line.