Fine Print (aka Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw Policies)

Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw commits to operating in good faith, delivering all services that are ordered and paid for.

Every reasonable effort will be made to offer support services (such as e-mail and phone consultations) to all Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw clients, present and former, as long as Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw is an active business.

It is the dog owner's (client's) responsibility to make sure all classes are attended or made up, and/or all private lessons are scheduled and used. Private clients have three months to use three lessons, and six months to use six lessons. If the client allows a long break to occur between lessons, to restart the lessons, Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw may require the client to pay for additional lessons needed to bring the client and/or dog back up to speed so lessons can be productively continued and training goals met. Rescheduling private lessons incurs no extra charges as long as the trainer is not in transit to or has not arrived at the training location. If the trainer is in transit to or has arrived at the training location, and upon the trainer’s arrival the client chooses to reschedule rather than participate in the lesson at that time, the client is required to pay a $25 inconvenience fee.

All lessons, private or group, must be paid in full no later than the end of the first session. Spaces in group classes are reserved by completing a registration form and mailing in to Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw or delivering to a Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw teaching location said registration form with payment in full.

Clients may switch from group to private, private to group, in-home private to in-facility private, or in-facility private to in-home private, with approval of the Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw. Clients will be expected to make up any difference should the lessons they are switching to be more expensive; Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw will refund the difference should the lessons clients switch to be less expensive.

Group class students must cancel seven (7) days prior their first class (Lecture/Orientation for first-time students or the first class module for repeat students) to receive a refund. No refund will be made after that time.

Group class students are responsible for scheduling and managing their own lesson schedule so they take all their classes in the time allotted. If a student signs up for a class but does not attend and fails to cancel 24 hours prior, that class is deducted from the student's unused class total (though special consideration to reinstate the lesson may be made for events beyond the control of the client.). Students may change their reservations with no penalty up to 24 hours before a class module is held.

For private clients, refunds are generally not provided once lessons have begun. If the client chooses to discontinue lessons and/or get rid of his/her dog, no refund will be given. Special consideration may be made for events beyond the control of the client (examples: illness or death of owner or dog; job loss). For those rare circumstances, refunds will be made based upon a sliding (decreasing) percentage. With the understanding that the first lesson is the longest and most valuable, and the last lesson is the least valuable, the following percentage refunds will be made at the discretion of Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw:

Three-lesson private*
Cancel after first lesson:  40% refund
Cancel after second lesson: 10% refund

Six-lesson private*
Cancel after first lesson:  40% refund
Cancel after second lesson: 25% refund
Cancel after third lesson: 15% refund
Cancel after fourth lesson: 10% refund
Cancel after fifth lesson: 5% refund

*If an in-facility private, refund amounts are figured AFTER a 25% reduction (reflecting the non-refundable rental fee paid by Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw to the facility).

Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw reserves the right to discontinue private lessons or dismiss an owner from group class should the trainer conclude the owners are not following the advice and direction of the trainer, thereby undermining the training; are disrupting the rest of the class (unruly dogs do not get owners ejected if owner makes every attempt to follow the trainer's instruction, but unruly owners will be ejected!); are abusive to their dogs, or to the other students and/or their dogs; or are found to be otherwise disruptive and undermining the training process. If abuse is witnessed, the trainer will dismiss the owner and report him/her to the proper authorities. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.

Areas served/Mileage charge:
Generally, Christy Paxton's Hand in Paw serves Cuyahoga, Lorain and Medina counties. Listed prices reflect a maximum drive time of 30 minutes from home base (Brook Park, Ohio). If drive time exceeds 30 minutes under normal traffic circumstances, a mileage charge may be assessed.