Trained With Kindness Trained with Kindness

Since 2008, CP-HIP has offered dog training and behavior modification at Paws and Effect Grooming for Cats and Dogs in Rocky River. Now, the CP-HIP team is expanding its kind teaching services to Doggie Day Campers.

While your pup is in Day Camp, for a small added charge, CP-HIP DogLife Skills Instructors (DLSI) will work with him/her in short, fun sessions to help you achieve your goals.

Choose from these focused sessions:

  • Come
  • Down
  • Drop it
  • Handling (Grooming)
  • Jumping/Greetings
  • Leave it
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Tricks
  • Wait
  • Walking
  • Watch

Training sessions are available Tuesdays and Thursdays in 30- and 45-minute lengths. (Current research shows dogs learn best in short sessions spaced two days apart.)

 Pricing (amounts noted are in addition to the daycare charge)

Session length:             30 min.             45 min.

1 day/week                      $35                     $45
2 days/week                     $30                    $40
With purchase                  $25                    $35
of full day weekly



These sessions take place without the owner present. In certain cases, a session with the owner present is necessary (e.g. if the problem behavior only occurs with owner present, or to make sure the owner knows how to cue the right behaviors). Your trainer will inform you if an owner-present session is necessary.

• Feel you need more help for your dog’s behavior issues? We also offer 3- and 6-lesson private packages at this location!