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Karin’s Bio

The first dog that really showed me how amazing a dog can be was Baby.

Karin and Kali

She was a Malinois-Shepherd mix puppy that we got for my daughter. Baby came from the APL. She was always interested in people. However she didn’t listen very well, and just did as she pleased. I decided we needed help. We went to a few local classes and Baby got her CGC.

Then Baby and I took training classes so she could be a therapy dog. That’s when I got to know Christy! She’s such a great teacher and communicator. She helped us work on impulse control a lot! We passed our very thorough test and were registered as a therapy dog team with Pet Partners.

Baby and I started a READ (Reading Education Assistance Dog) program at Olmsted Falls Schools. We won the “Friend of Education” award from the Olmsted Falls City Schools. Baby would lie on our quilt next to our reader. I loved watching her interact differently with each child. For some she’d lay closer, for others she’d lay lengthwise with her head at their feet. I didn’t tell her how to position herself – she just knew what was needed for each reader. It was awesome to observe her! Our program with Olmsted Schools lasted for 8 years. We also had reading programs at Rocky River Public Library and Porter Public Library in Westlake. 

Baby was also great as a calm dog when Christy was working with dog reactive dogs. Christy let me shadow her at her various classes. I was excited to learn how to train dogs and their people!

Sadly Baby passed away in April 2014. I couldn’t stand the emptiness of my house so I decided to get another dog.

In August 2014, I adopted Kali through The Rescue Inn.

She was 8 weeks old. I noticed that she was somewhat sensitive and startled at louder noises. But there she was sitting in my lap and she became my puppy! I never had a dog that was so fearful of people and other dogs. She is teaching me so much about being patient. I did miss going to dog activities. We go to the park early in the mornings so there aren’t as many dogs or people to make her worry. She now knows that if we see a dog and person coming towards us, she looks at me and I give her a tasty treat.

We’ve also been in Christy’s Canine Cafe class and even were in Anne’s Basics class, so we’re making great progress!

While Kali probably won’t be a therapy dog like Baby, she shows me where her passions are. She loves running, playing outside and clicker training! Sometimes she’d rather get a toy reward instead of a food reward. Yep, she’s teaching me a lot!

I enjoy dog training because I know how hard it can be to struggle with your dog, and how wonderful it feels when you and your dog become a successful team. I want to help you experience that great feeling!


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