Trained With Kindness Trained with Kindness

Anne’s Bio

Owner, Unleashed Potential
Certified through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers

Anne and Lili

I have always loved dogs.

When I was a young girl, my family had an Irish terrier named Shannon. A devoted companion, Shannon taught me the joys of lying blissfully on a grassy lawn with a shaggy dog, the fun of having the family pet along on vacation, and the heartbreak of saying that final goodbye.

After Shannon, there were Charlie the Airedale; Phred the Golden Retriever; Darcy the Yellow Lab; and Bingley, another Golden. Each of these dogs was a unique individual that brought joy to my life.

Once I was out on my own, I volunteered for the Animal Protective League in Cleveland. On my very first day I brought home Jake, who was to be my constant companion for the next 18 years. He was everything I was not at the time: calm under pressure; unruffled by life’s ups and downs; able to learn his lesson after making a mistake just once.  He was, without a doubt, the perfect dog (and yes, I’m biased!).

Today, my husband and I share our lives with Lili, a Border collie/terrier mix.  Of all the dogs I have lived with, Lili has been my greatest instructor.  She has helped me become a better trainer by being “difficult” and “challenging”.  Life has placed some pretty big obstacles in Lili’s path, and together we are working our way around them.

I have been lucky to have had so many wonderful dogs in my life.  Living with dogs has taught me many things:

•  Treating others with kindness and compassion is an essential part of life.

•  Just like people, dogs are unique individuals with likes, dislikes, fears, and desires and all these things deserve respect.

•  I’m happier when I live in the moment, just like dogs do.

•  Life is better when you’ve got a dog.

I am a proponent of force-free, positive reinforcement training.  Scientific study has shown this type of training to be the most effective way to teach dogs the behaviors we want from them.  As an added bonus, it just happens to be the most humane way, too.  I am dedicated to staying informed about the latest research on how animals learn, and I will continue to apply this knowledge when I train dogs.