Approved Trainers

PENDING!  We are working on building a list of TWiKi-Approved Trainers so you know the person you are working with uses kind methods.

Need kind training help now? Check out these experienced, well-known trainers who have lots of resources to offer:

Patricia McConnell

Suzanne Clother

Suzanne Hetts and Dan Estep

Turid Rugaas

Karen Pryor

And of course there is one more — me, Christy Paxton, training kindly since 2004! Happy to help if I can, but note I am a one-person operation so limited in time/resources: Love to hear from people dedicated to kindness: Complete Contact details here.

Trainers: Want to be on our TWiKi-Approved Trainers List? E-mail the TWiKi Approval Team <> to get information on how to apply.

POGs: Check back often to view the list! Or if you know a kind trainer, tell them to contact us!

How we rate trainers: We send trainers a detailed questionnaire to fill out, and we view either a live training session or a videotaped, unedited training session. Our rating team is made up of trainers that are dedicated to kind methods and are experienced enough to spot unkind tendencies. To avoid prejudicial assessments, no names are attached to these materials until after the evaluation is complete. Those who do not receive the highest rating can ask to be reevaluated on a yearly basis.

Rating system: Because we recognize that life is a journey, we realize that there are many trainers out there who learned to train years ago with the methods available at the time and are working to change over to kinder methods. These dedicated, caring people need to be given the credit they deserve for making those changes to deliver better quality services to POGs and dogs.

So our rating system is as follows:

On the Journey: Trainer recognizes the need to change and has started to research, test and adapt.

Almost There: Trainer has made major changes but still has a few key areas where s/he doesn’t yet have an effective alternative. S/he is still searching for it and will change when s/he finds it.

Eureka! These trainers have “arrived” at the kindness camp and are using kind methods nearly all the time. The only time they knowingly step away from these methods is when there is a safety issue. They stay up on the latest research so they can offer the most current, most effective, and most kind techniques to their clients.

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      Thanks for your interest! We are currently putting together a questionnaire that you can fill out. We also need to watch a training session, either live or via an unedited video clip. Our committee will review your submission and if warranted will TWiKi-approve you at one of our three levels (noted above on this page). You will then be listed on our site and will be sent the “Approved by Trained With Kindness” logo to use on your business materials.

      Want to receive the questionnaire as soon as it’s done? Simply send your name, phone number and email address to

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